About me

I’m a UK-based freelance writer and editor, with a focus on travel. Japan is my speciality – I’m proficient in Japanese, lived in Kyoto for a year, and am just back from my eighth trip there (skiing in Tomamu, exploring Asahikawa, hiking and bathing in Hakone, and hunting down gluten-free restaurants in Tokyo). Or is it ninth by now? Either way, whatever your Japan needs – article, guidebook, interview, podcast – just let me know, I’ll almost certainly be very happy to help.

My other great love is my home country of the UK, especially the Southwest, where I was born and raised (currently living near Truro in Cornwall). I’m also very much enjoying dalliances with Denmark, Malta and Canada at the moment.

But whatever the project, if I’m interested in it, I’ll work on it! Need someone to write about Cold War history in East Asia? No problem. Record a podcast about how to travel with a bizarre allergy? I’m on it. Plan an itinerary for your next trip to Japan or the UK? Can do. Edit your academic work on pedagogical models at Hogwarts? I’d be honoured. Speak about sexuality, mental health, cooking, the joys of smashing the patriarchy while usually dressing like a fifties housewife? Just ask.